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Problem with dual channel, but not with single channel.


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Hello all


I had a big problem where my whole system would stutter and lag. You could hear it on the windows startup sound, it crackled and when you were inside the OS your mouse would lag around as you moved it aswell. This resulted in everything lagging in image and sound no matter what i was doing, from games to youtube and even moving around in OS. And according to CPUZ you could see stutters occured the cpu core speed would peak and then drop frequently.


So i tried the following:


- Whole system format and reinstall, still same problem. I could even see the mouse stutter on install screen before installing Windows 7 64-bit. (Mouse is fine in BIOS btw)


- Have tried correcting my dram from 1333mhz to the correct 1600mhz in bios


- “Optimized defaults” in BIOS


- X.M.P profile, and checked the ram settings, which was correct.


- BIOS upgraded to the newest version


- Ran Microsoft Memtest no errors.


All temps has always been between 28 – 55 degrees on the CPU according to AI suite II provided.

After each Windows 7 64 bit install, all newest motherboard and GPU drivers are installed.

I have reinstalled whole system over 5 times while doing the above, no effect.


The GPU is from my previous computer, never had any problems with it for over 2 years.

Sometimes while i am doing all this the problem would go away, but reappear next time i boot up.


But then i tried to remove one stick of RAM from my dual channel, so it became single channel. Right after the next boot up, the problem has disappered completely!


I did 3-4 reboots and running games and the like to make sure, and still stable!


Then i tried to switch the one stick of RAM out with the other i took out, and system still as stable as before!


Then i tried to check the other RAM slot with only one RAM in system, to see if there could be error in the other slot. Still stable.


So what i can see is there are no bad RAM here, or RAM slot that i used, but when i go dual channel the system becomes unstable, why is that?!



Rampage IV Extreme

Intel i7-3820

Corsair DDR3 PC1600 8GB CL8 kit VENGEANCE (2x4) high profile (cmz8gx3m2a1600c8)

Corsair Force Series 3 - Solid state drive - 120 GB

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler

Geforce GTX 295

PSU Corsair 850W

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fwiw you can try running them at 1333 to see if it works, you really wont notice any difference really.

worth a shot before you return them.

as far as prices im in the US so euros are like saying potatoes to me, you would likely buy them from your side of the great pond so im sorry i cannot help you there.

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I have already tried XMP profile and have the latest BIOS. It still doesn't work with these RAM in Dual channel. Like I mentioned in my first post.


And have also tried 1333 MHz instead of 1600. Wont work either in dual.


So it looks like i should get recommended ones for my board, and maybe that will sort it out, right?


Perhaps if i try quad channel this time..

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The MB you have is quad channel I have not tested the MB only using two modules but it should still function with one set only a little slower in memory performance. And I agree if you can change the modules I would suggest one of the sets listed for the Intel X79 Chipset on this page.
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