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Advanced SSD tweaks

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to push the performance of a ssd even further, apply the following settings:

- disable all c-states in bios of your motherboard


this gives the 4K write performance a tremendeous boost!

for my Force GT 120Gb:





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Technically, it doesn't "boost" anything. It just stops the CPU from saving power by not letting it partially turn off when idle, and thus enables the SSD to perform its spec 100% of the time without being bottlenecked.


Also, it's only the deeper C-states that need to be disabled if you want full performance. The enhanced halt state, C1E, is fine; C3-C7 are not.


Take a look at this: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ssd-hdd-power,2170.html (was written 3 years ago, so it's by no means news)


Personally, I've also disabled the C-states but I'm also overclocking so it makes perfect sense.

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WoW.... Sorry to rub you the wrong way..


Let me re-phrase ... What, besides the benefits stated in the article, are the benefits of disabling the power states ? Also, should I disable the thermal monitor option in the BIOS ? Thanks

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The only benefit is that your SSD isn't bottlenecked anymore.


The negative effects are higher power consumption and the disabling of TurboBoost function which relies on the C-states to function.


So generally, if you're overclocking you probably don't have TurboBoost enabled anyway, and the C-states lose some value right there. Furthermore, the powersaving features aren't really popular in the overclocking community due to the potential instability they bring; that's even less value. The C-states do have some small benefit on power consumption though; during my personal testing, idling in Windows brings the CPU package power consumption down to ~6-7 watts (measured with RealTemp), whereas disabled C-states brings that number up to ~15-20 watts. (and I'm still not talking about the C1E state, which is perfectly fine and should be used all the time, overclocking or not)


I guess the real losers here are the people running stock who read this uninformed advice and rush in BIOS setup to disable the C-states, ignorant of the fact that they lose the benefits of TurboBoost and thereby sacrifice a lot more performance than they gain.


I have a thermal monitor setting in mt BIOS setup as well - I haven't touched it so it's on auto. I don't really know what it does either, but I'm sure it has no impact on overclockability or stability.

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