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Adding another 12 GB to GA-X58A-UD9


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Hi. Not a problem but needing some advice. I have 3 modules running on this system with no problems.


I'd like to add some memory to make it 24Gb. Would you guarantee it to work if I was to add another 3 CMP12GX3M3A 1600C9 9-9-9-24 modules?


Or would you recommend: CMP24GX3M6A1600C9.


I'm hoping that the former is okay as I don't want to waste the memory as it's working sufficiently and of course it is a cheaper option.


I do a lot of 3D rendering and some video work.


I appreciate your advice on this matter. :biggrin:

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Okay thanks for that. I'll go with a new kit. I just hope it does tax the system or mobo. I've had older Gigabyte boards where I've used all the modules - a big 8 gbs - and bit by bit, I had to lower the memory settings, so that it would boot...eventually, I could only run 4gbs.



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