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H60 fan constantly at 100%


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A few days ago I received my new computer.

I was not happy with the aircooler that I got with it so I went back and they installed the H60 for me!


I overclocked my i7 2600k to 4,6Ghz and now the temperatures are pretty good!

(idle: 36c, stressed max. 68c)


The problem is that my fan is sucking air all the time at 100%. That makes a lot of noise. Even when I am doing nothing the fan makes so much noise.

There is also no difference in the soundlevel when I stress the CPU or have it at idlle.


I went into the BIOS and I set everything on silent but that didn't help.

Also I tried the "ASUS AI Suite II" but the changes I made in that tool didn't change the fanspeed at all.


Who knows what to do?


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Ok...if I'm looking at this right, you have the fans hooked up wrong. You should have the pump wire, 3-pin, plugged into either a powerfan header or Auxfan header. Its currently on your CPU fan. You should then have your H60 cooling fan that is a 4-pin, connected to your CPU fan header.


The 4-pin cooling fan on the H60 is a PWM fan, which the mobo will regulate speed for cooling based on system temp. Since you seem to have your H60 fan on the Aux. fan header, its not adjusting the speed according to temps. If you switch these around, this should fix your issue and slow those fans down.

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Yea your fans are wrongly connected.. Hopefully it regulates your fan then on.. Don't wanna hope bad but there is a thread of people (me included) whos fan run at 100% with it being connected to the right connection on the motherboard.. Only fix is manually drop speeds in the BIOS or RMA just the fan which is a headache. All the best
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