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Modifying H50 for GPU waterblock.

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Now I am sure there is another thread out there relating to this but after 15 min of looking I couldn't find it. I am brand new to this forum so if I missed any house rules don't hate me too much. I have an Asetek 570lclc 240mm Radiator self contained WC system for my cpu which had replaced my h50. Now that I have an extra h50 I really want to attach a water block to my gpu and attach the h50 to that. I dont know what happens when you start to take apart the h50, is it pressure sealed? what kind of liquid is inside of it?

I have a Radeon 4890 right now but will probably be getting a 5970 here real soon which is a heat dump. What I want to do is mount the h50 some where inside my case and mount the pump at the bottom of the case and then run the tubing to the GPUs water block when I get it. If needed I would add in a drive bay resevoir. If anyone has a guide to this or knows about it or could even share a link to a good thread on it Id be really appreciative and also let me know of your opinions on the whole idea. If you want any pictures let me know Thank You, Russell.

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