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Crashes, safed profiles and light settings


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I'm not sure if I should have adressed my two issues seperately or as one post but I have noticed two seperate issues since installing the Light and fan kit in my system about 2 weeks ago.


My system is a new build, with a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I first noticed an issue that when I change profiles, my light settings don't default to the setting I had setup for that particular profile. For example, my "Normal" profile has my leds operating based on temps and change from a cool blue to a hot red, as temps rise on both my CPU and VGA cards.


When I change the profile the my "night" profile, which is all LED's blacked out, it seems to carry over the LED settings from the previous profile and doesn't change the LED scheme, in this case cutting them all to black or off. All of my fan settings work fine, but only the light settings are changing over....


second issue is more pressing, in that all of a sudden everytime I try and change a profile the Corsair link software crashes... nothing has changed, but even after reinstalling the software this is occuring. no matter what profile I am on, changing it crashes the software.... next on my list is a complete uninstall and reinstall since a simply reinstall didn't seem to work.


Any suggestions or help on one or two is appreciated.

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