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Tri SLI HX1050


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Id go with an AX1200. I have a 1050hx I was running 470 tri sli on. Itll handle it, I mean its corsair lol. But mine PUMPED out the heat. But in a haf if u put the fan facing up it will run much cooler. Experienced this myself in a haf. Mine handled tons of benchmarks at 1.05v 750/1900 which uses about the same power as a 480s. Def put the fan up tho. Go ax1200 if u can afford it. If you already have hx1050 just do it ;):.





There using watercooling and stuff, but ur using a bunch of hdd. Ur pushing it, this is peak power, id stick with 2 ull have higher minimums then 3 in most games and ur psu wont be crying for mercy. My fps were like 10 higher in bf3 with 2 470s vs 3.

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