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Very Disappointing tech support


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Corsiar corsair what are u doing to us I asked twice about longer cables for the AX850 and never got a reply.. I was hoping there where longer PCI-E power cables but I never did find out to bad as I may need to by a different brand PSU for my Thermaltake Armor+ Case.. (Not a TT supply though there crap)


On that note hope I can get a reply to this


Is it possible to get a longer 8pin CPU power cable for the AX850 and My nice new Obsidian 800D case it would be a lot better than that silly adapter and It only need's to be 2" longer at the most I couldn't quite stretch the supplied AX one witch would have been nice..


pity you's didn't think of this when the Obsidian was released as my PSU is not as old as the case is (Could have be an update to the newer AX PSU's)

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i didnt mean it meanly, the cable lengths are posted in the stickys, any longer would have to be extensions.


Didn't really think it was mean :) just not helpful, ill check the stickys se if any of there other PSU's have longer modular cable's hmm doubt it though..

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