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500r case comes with a 3 pin?


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Im building my first system and have run into a problem regarding a 3 pin male connector which comes with the case. There is no were to plug this in (the motherboard only accepts female (p8z68-V LE) and the power supply has no such connector).


So what do i do with it?

Also the 200mm fan comes with a 3 pin female connector. Is it fine if i plug this into a 4 pin slot on the board?


Motherboard: P8Z68-V LE

PSU: ######## HCG 900w


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ahh, i figured it out, i think.


Does it go to the 3 pin female connector on the 200mm fan? (I originally plugged that into the motherboard...)


can someone please correct me on that before i power up the system?


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