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H100 pump noise and installation problem


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I recreantly received one of your Corsair H100 all in one water cooling kit. And it seems that this one has the pump noise issue. If the pump gets 0.1 v over 12v from the molex it starts to make this rattling sound (it seems that a lot of users have the same problem with H100's). With fan speed controller I was able to give it 11.8-11.9v and the pump was silent. Power supply that the system uses is Corsair AX850.


And I ran into some problems with installing H100 onto i7 socket 2011. It seems that the mounting system is little bit off so it didn't fit on the socket 2011. It was about 2mm off. I managed to align 3 screws but not the last one. I rotated the cooler 90 degrees and It just pearly fitted.


So my question is is there a possibility I would receive a working unit with silent pump and correct mouthing system? The reseller is willing to change the H100 for new one but I'm afraid that that one will be as faulty as this one. Or is there a way to check if the new patch will be faulty or not?


The reseller was ALSO Estonia AS.


Thank you.

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Read the big H!00 noise thread and you'll learn that some people RMA the H100 3 or 4 times and still get faulty units. There is no way to tell until you mount it in the PC. Some people actually got replacements much worse than originals.


As for the mounting, you can request new brackets via RMA ticket. There's also some solid data on it so read first, ask later.

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I have read the forums, that's how I found out that the pump noise is associated with 12v.


I'm just trying to ask corsair what are the possibilities that I will get a working unit.


btw - yes you can test the system without installing it. Just power on the H100 and you should hear the pump noise.

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I wish I had the pump noise.


After a 3 hour install I was so pleased that it installed, even though I just followed recommendations and put the rad up top and stock fans in the area on top of the 600T Graphite case as recommended in the Corsair installation video.

The stock fans fit in the top area and the lid closed without issue.

And the 600T is practically made for the H100 except thats an exhaust fan area and if you reverse the air flow you have no dust filter.


But the reason I wish I had the pump noise is because what I got instead is D.O.A. out of the shrink wrapped box.


Dead like a dead fish. No lights, no sound, no activity at all. Just dead like a door stop dead. Like a paper weight or boat anchor dead.


No RMA for me, refund from the seller. A reputable on-line seller.

I already bought another one from a different company rather than wait.


And hey, I will be telling everyone on earth about Corsair and referring them here. Thats the price you pay for shipping out boat anchors and calling them quality products.


In days gone buy, if you were a disgruntled customer like me, they would send you one free. That is how companies stayed in business in the past. They accepted their mistakes and lived up to their reputation.

Is Corsair like that?


LOL ROTFLMO at the frickin BBQ. Oh sure, thats gonna happen.


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