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Performance 3 128GB Issues: Any support?

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Greetings All,


<tl;dr: Same issues as all the others, asking for a answer/solution other than RMA>


So in November I finally upgraded my ailing AMD (FX-62 proc) system, in this upgrade I purchased the Corsair Performance 3 SSD and thought I was on my way to performance bliss. Well in December that was not the case, I ended up with huge issues like BSoD, slow access times and chkdsk that would never complete and in the end total drive failure where it would not be detected in the BIOS. Even when I tried to clone the drive to a backup drive I would get I/O errors. Now since I was getting married in December I had no chance to investigate the issue and just sent the drive back to the store early January after doing a format.


Well they and their supplier both tested the drive and sent it back to me saying it was all good. Well today I finally decided to investigate the issue and lo and behold what did I find? A huge mess with no apparent answers:


















And then with a Google site search I found even more problems :(.




So my question is this, is Corsair actively investigating the issue plaguing these drives? By reading multiple threads on this site alone it would appear not. Every RMA has ended with either tears of happiness (new different drives) or sadness (new drive same model same issue) and still no response from Corsair regarding issues with these drives. The argument "it only affects a small % of people" is not good enough because the site search alone shows that a lot of people are experiencing this issue.


Now I have alerted the store I bought it from with the above links and am awaiting a response from them but I am hoping with this thread being created I might get a helpful answer or solution to this problem however going by the above threads and other threads I have read the response will be "RMA it"... :(

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Right just got off the phone with the shop that sold this drive to me. The response is they cant do anything until the issue presents itself or Corsair acknowledge that a issue does exist. So can Corsair make an official announcement saying that these drives have a problem? I will be emailing your tech support for about this and I hope to hell and gone that they tell me to RMA with a reference number because it is the only way I am going to get a swap out done...


/what a frustrating experience...

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I`ve got this drive since sept 2011. It has run without problems. Got some problem that I believed was the drive, but it was Win7 or others issues that failed.

Since there are no fw update to this I think that Corsair NOT gonna put out a fw release to this drive. Maybe too many drives seems to be ok?

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