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Corsair Accelerator vs. the other guy's Synapse


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How do these two compare?


Does the Accelerator suffer from the same issue the ******** Synapse does when there is an unexpected power down (where the OS has to be recached upon boot and it takes a very long time)?


Lastly, when will the Accelerator be available at etailers?




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typical , i order the synapse and Corsair bring their own version out although smaller capacity .


To the O/P , the software ( dataplex ) Corsair is using is the same as the company that make the synapse so i guess any issues would be the same , however its just had an update in the last 2 days so will hopefully have resolved some of the issues .


With the Corsair drives do they also have 50% OP as the specs i've read dont really say ? .


Corsairs release notes say this is initial release but " proper " release notes for this version below :-


Performance optimization.

This release delivers appreciable performance improvements over previous releases. Internal benchmarking shows on average of 10% performance improvement over v1.1.0.9, as measured by PCMark Vantage HDD Suite (using Dataplex with Synapse 64GB on an Asus P67 motherboard with 1TB HDD)


Also just noticed the Corsair variant is only sata 2 :-(


This release also resolves the following issues:

•Resume time from Unclean Shutdown. This release significantly improves the time to resume after an unclean shutdown event (e.g., forced shut-down, BSOD, or power outage).

•Improved CPU utilization. In addition to general performance optimizations, this release also addresses performance issues (CPU spikes) on certain PC platforms.

•Improved error handling and messaging. This release provides extended error handling and messaging in the case of SSD failure events.

•Miscellaneous bug fixes.

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Update , had the 128gb Synapse installed for a few days now and it's made a huge difference to boot times and app loads etc , basically does what it sez on the tin so i would think the Corsair version would do the same seeing as its using the same software :D: .
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