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Worried about something on shippment


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Following receipt of my RMA number (# 2682851), I sent a padded envelope today.

But I joined a bill which contains my old address(If customs had to open it).

My correct address is writed right at back of the padded envellop and I also writed my correct address when I requested for RMA. But I worry about the old address inside.

I can't use the message system (seems that I can only use it for reply), I can only view status.

Is there anyway to avoid mistake?



PS: Better that I avoid phone, as you see my english is bad...

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  • Corsair Employees
I have sent you as message in your TSX Case please communicate with TSX, or call our customer service by phone posting on the forum will not help in this case, but if you send us a message and do not get a reply let me know here and I will see the right person see's your message.
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