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How do I request prepaid shipping label? (Canada)


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I need to ship a defective PSU from Canada to Corsair, but the shipping is a bit expensive given the weight of my PSU.


I have emailed Corsair several times requesting a UPS label, but haven't received any reply so far.


Let me know if Corsair will cover the costs or if I will need to go with a different brand next time I'll be buying a power supply.


Thank you.

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I could not find the number for customer service anywhere on the website, but I did get their number once my RMA was approved, which was unfortunately 15 minutes after they closed for the day (I love waiting even longer because I couldn't find the phone number).


A.M. if you also cannot find it, the number they gave me was listed under contact Let me know how it turns out for you? I'm going to try tomorrow when I have time.

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