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Anything you can spare I guess.


Heavy duty SSD's are OP'd 20-50%, so anything inbetween would be sufficient.


The 120GT's are OP'd 8GB = ~7% by default. Personally I've shrunken my partition on my 120GT to 100GB, thereby giving me 28GB of OP = ~20%. Haven't noticed any benefit yet.


Also, it might work differently in a RAID setup.


Just my 2 cent.

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The industry standard for consumer SSDs is 7%, and in some SSDs is already done internally. The more you can spare, the better, but for consumer use it's likely not worth it to go beyond 20%.


If Intel ever gets TRIM working in their IRST driver for SSDs in RAID 0, this won't be a big issue. If you're using another platform, who knows if it will ever be done with its driver.

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