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Getting frustrated at the canned responses amongst other issues...


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I've encountered a string of challenges ever since opening a support ticket 2 weeks ago. My RMA # is 2661236.

This all began with a Corsair HS1 USB headset I purchased in October 2011. I had left a massive, detailed review on NewEgg as well as Amazon detailing my dissatisfaction with the product. Long story short, for the price I paid I felt the product was far from a good value. I was advised in one of these reviews to contact Corsair and tell them of my "issues."

...so that's what I did. I came here and opened a case. I typed an absolutely massive unique writeup then hit Submit. Guess what? The system apparently logs you out for inactivity after you take too long. I wasn't "inactive." I was just typing my comments. Sure enough when I hit Back on the page that said I was logged out due to inactivity, my entire writeup was gone. Frustration #2 now.

So again I created another ticket. This time I was a lot more to the point. I sent this on on 2/14/12 (13 days ago today). I get a reply 2 days later saying "TS Has advised the client to request an RMA." An RMA is not what I wanted, and I made that very clear in my original form submission. Frustration #3.

Unfortunately, Corsair's website is extremely unfriendly and there is no way to message back on an RMA (or if there is, it's too difficult to find). So, I had to create a new ticket just to comment on my old ticket. I explained, in detail, that my product was not broken or defective in any way. My issue was with the quality and performance of the product. Further, I said it would be a waste of both time and money for both me and for Corsair to send in a functioning product.

Now Friday comes and I get ANOTHER e-mail that an RMA is assigned. Huh? I already have one. All it says is:


"Thank you for your patience. For your return, please reference RMA #2661236.


For your convenience, click the following link to automatically generate an address label for your return."


No human reply, just another label. An unpaid label, too. Frustration #4.

Now ANOTHER e-mail comes in:


"We apologize for any inconvenience you have encountered with your Corsair product. We have received & approved your online RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) request and will e-mail your confirmation RMA number along with return instructions within 24 hours."


Frustration #5 now. No one has spoken to me, acknowledged anything, etc. All I get is canned RMA e-mails. This is not what I want or what I asked for. I spent what I consider to be a large amount of money for headphones and, as of now, I'm using my $20 Logitech Clearchat Comfort headset because of the vastly superior comfort and performance. My efforts to reach out to Corsair have only been met with canned RMA offers which won't do me any good. This problem is further compounded by the inaccessibility of a customer support person.


This post is my last ditch effort. My 2-star reviews on NewEgg and Amazon are proving to be overly-generous and I hope Corsair can find an amicable solution, even if that solution is just to say "Sorry you don't like our product, deal with it." At least I get closure there. The lack of replies on threads like this one only concern me further. Why release drivers which remove features but offer no support or explanation as to why?

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry about that and I will personally call you as soon as I get off of the phone and we can try to get this resolved.

Tried to call but no answer so I left a message, please call our tech support and we can do our best to help you get the issue resolved.

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Tried to call a few times but keep getting put on a long hold and when I try to leave a message by pushing #1 as instructed but it just goes silent when I do. I will try back in a bit but if you get this message first please call the number listed as Phone #2 (the 407 number) in my information because the other number you called is my generic desk line.




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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry that you had trouble but if you can call today the toll free number is listed under contact on the main site should be an 888 number then once you get the main voice message choose option 2 that will take you right to Tech support.
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