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650 Fan Controller dead on arrival and right side panel dinted.


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I purchased a new 650d Corsair Case from one of your reputable companies in the UK SCAN which was delivered on the 24/02/2012.


Unfortunately my experiences with this case have not been as expected because I have found a number of issues.


The fan controller build into this case does not work. When you plug the fans into this controller they do not spin, even when the controller is connected via a molex connector from the PSU. The fans are not at fault because when you plug them into the motherboard they spin fine. I have tested the molex connector and it is also working correctly because I have tested it with another component.


Also the right side panel of the case has a small dint and two of the rubber pads on the front legs have fallen off. I have successfully re-attached the leg pads to the case.


I appreciate the 650d much has its a awesome product! Corsair develop fantastic products and provide great service. I have purchased many products from Corsair and this is the first time I've experienced any issues.


All I want is a 650d case in a condition it should be when new. This is a expensive case for it's class "rightly so" but to find 3 problems with the product in the first day is disappointing.


On the Corsair box the model number is CC650DW


i've logs 2 cases for this but have not had any reply at all, anyone got any theories how this can be escalated?

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