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MSI P45 Platinum + Corsair H60 cooler not working


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Hey guys,


I have had an MSI P45 Platinum for a while and due to overheating problems, I decided to move from the stock Intel cooler to a Corsair H60 water cooler, which is supposed to support LGA775.


I installed it yesterday and I noticed the temperatures were quite high, and it eventually turned itself off at 75 C. I decided to take off the cooler and check how the thermal paste was spread on the processor and the heat sink. For my surprise, the thermal paste spread suggested there was contact between processor and heat sink only in the bottom part, so most of the processor was not in touch with the cooler.


I then checked on the web for possible causes for this, and in one place I found that it may be due to the capacitor and transistors around the CPU slot.


My question is: have any of you dealt with this combination before? How did you manage to have it working? If I don't find a solution, I will probably have to move back to the old Intel stock cooler...


My computer config is as follow:

Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q6600

Cooler: Corsair H60

MB: MSI P45 Platinum

PSU: Corsair TX750 750W

RAM: 8GB (4x2GB) DDR2 800 RAM Kingston

VGA: Radeon HD4870

Sound: SoundBlaster X-fi Fatal1ty


I appreciate any help!


Take care,



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The usual fix for this situation is to mount the pump after turning it 90 degrees one way or the other. That is, instead of the tubes on the pump being on the right side as you look at it on the board, have them at the top or bottom.


All boards are different, but this usually works for users with this issue. If not, any number of the air CPU coolers available will work on your board.

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Thank you, parsec! I ended up figuring it out and it worked as charm!


Nevertheless, I once read somewhere that the tubes should e facing the RAM memory slots. Isn't there any problem to use it in this configuration?



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It should be fine regardless of the position of the pump/tubes. Corsair does not require a specific orientation of the tubes and many users have done exactly what you've done. You'll know if it works well and it seems to be, so you're fine. I'm glad that worked for you.
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