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Help Recovering data.


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I got the SSD a month ago I had to update firmware and use intels controller rst to fix the BSOD when resuming from sleep, its seemed to be working fine.


then suddenly the drive will not be recognized at all. I tryed every BIOS setting every power/data cable/port .....nothing.


I have a RMA on it already but I would REALLY REALLY like to get some file from it :( never had a drive suddenly go out , and now I kind of regret not backing some things up.


If anyone has any idea's on how to get anything off it I would be grateful. Also is it possible using sleep after i fixed it with updates caused it to die. I don't want to make the same mistake again.............:[pouts:

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yup same thing BIOS doesn't even pick it up. I'v been researching sounds like the controller is most likely shot, and I'm pretty much SOL? also found out even this series ssd's are almost impossible to recover even if you pay 500-2000 :eek: for a data recovery not that i would but still.......... on the plus side I found out I live 10 mins from the warehouse and can drop it off in person.


unless anyone had some idea's???

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