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K90 Firmware v107 Update pulled?


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Hey all,


So last night to my horror, I turned my favorite K90 KB into a brick by applying the firmware update to get the G keys to work in SWTOR. After a few Google searches and reading several pages of these forums, it appears that this is not only happening to me. I could not get the lights or the keys to respond. I had my KB's M3 light flicker when plugging it back in, then a Windows message saying it could not recognize the device. It proceeded every 10 seconds or so give the Windows beep when new input devices are plugged in, then immediately beeped saying it was no longer recognized/unplugged. I tried all the different suggestions (plugging into other USB ports, updating all drivers/BIOS etc) but no dice.


Fortunately it was within 30 days so I was able to exchange it for another K90 at the store I purchased it from rather than RMA. Just to be safe I scrubbed my previous K90 software installations. The 2.12 Beta is easily found, but the Firmware update link is nowhere to be found off of the product's webpage (http://www.corsair.com/vengeance-gaming/vengeance-gaming-keyboards/vengeance-k90-performance-mmo-mechanical-gaming-keyboard.html). It is referenced in the FAQs on how to update the firmware but it is listed as version 2.11 and there is no link.


Was the Firmware update pulled for a revision to prevent more problems? If so, then I appreciate the preventative measures so I don't kill this one as well. I still have the v107 downloaded from before, but I'm not going to use it if it was purposefully pulled from the website.


I just want to know when I can finally use my G keys in SWTOR. Thanks!

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  • Corsair Employees

The firmware file is located in the ZIP file when you download the software. We have seen a limited amount of users after they do the firmware experience the issue you are having, but it has not been pulled.


G keys work in SWTOR. Just make sure you have them in hardware mode, and loaded to the keyboard.

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