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HX850 + HX1050 Unusual Faults


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Hi All,


I work for a company that builds high-tech machines for a living, in the latest machine we are developing we are using Corsair PSU to power the PC that does all the processing, the PC specs are:


Core i7 2600K


2x EVGA GTX580 Graphics Cards

3x Gigabit LAN PCI-e cards

2x 2GB Ram modules

1x Seagate 500GB HDD

1x ******** 120GB SSD


Initially we powered all of this off an HX850. One of the machines (we have 3) went to the USA, and when it got there, failed immediately. We replaced the PSU with a HX1050 and that has been fine since.


The other two machines stayed in this country (both had HX850s) and I was working on them. One of them failed after a few weeks of operation. It was working fine one day, shut the PC down fine, when I came in the next morning to use it again, it wouldn't turn on. We got a warranty replacement on that PSU and in the mean time replaced it with a HX1050 that has been fine since.


Alright, we thought, the HX850 is too small. So we replaced the HX850 in the remaining machine BEFORE it failed, with a HX1050. Just yesterday this HX1050 failed as well! I replaced it with the HX850 we got on warranty replacement from the 2nd failure, but something very strange is happening here. This most recent failure flashes the lights on the front of the PC briefly when you power it up, then gives nothing.


We use the AC-Recovery feature of the Motherboard to turn the PCs on and off. That is to turn it on, we supply the PSU with AC power (with a relay), and the computer automatically boots. To turn it off we shutdown the PC, then cut the AC power. Could this be doing something bad to the PSU?


We have the potential to draw a lot of current with the two graphics cards, but in general when the machine is running, the PC is only drawing around 350 Watts, so nothing even remotely close to the limits of the PSU.


What are we doing wrong? So far out of the 5 Corsair PSUs we have purchased, 3 have failed! One of the failures was on reasonably 'dirty' power in a factory environment with lots of motors on the same supply, but the other two have been in reasonably standard setups.


Thoughts? Help? :biggrin:

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That is a higher failure then normal and causes some concerns, But I would try and just turn the system off normally for a while, leaving the PSU power on and see if the problem returns. For the units that have failed please use the link on the left and request an RMA and let me know the case number so I can ask to have them tested when they are returned.
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I will let you know when I get the PSU and FYI some times trying to catch them like this does not work and I may not get the unit; so if another one fails please call in and ask for me I will setup another type of RMA so we can test the unit.
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