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memory modules in RMA(#2575671) remplacement,but defectives


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i had a kit of memory module(TW3X4G1333C9DHX G) which was replaced in RMA, but that one is also defective.

1 memory module does not function, like as for the first kit which I had.


I received the RMA kit on Monday.

I made a clear CMOS but the PC does not start, or it makes BSOD.

if I test the memories one by one, only one starting the PC.

i tested the kit on another PC, which is compatible with these memories and the result is the same.


do I have to start a new RMA request?


or to use the same number?


aren't the parts returned in guarantee tested?


thank you for your answers because I don't know how to make

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No please contact our customer service and let them know the previous RMA# and one works and one does not and they will take care of you and the shipping.

P.S. I will send them a message but that is about all I can do from Tech support.

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i receveid a new RMA case...

I must pay the return… for the second time…

I hope that I will receive a functional memory kit, because, I will have to pay half of the price of the kit (besides that of origin)


if the parts is defective for third time,i stop the corsair memory for others marks(competitors)(only memory of course)

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