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Force 120 (GB2) died suddenly


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After about 1-yr of usage (9months on a T61, and then last 3 months on a Dell Dimension 9150 desktop), the disk completely died.

There was a blue screen of death on the desktop screen and then I went for reboot. The Dimension bios cannot recognize any drive. I took it out and inserted into an external SATA/USB enclosure, and light would always remain ON and the PC will not recognize it. i started a CDI app, cannot see this drive.


To me, it looks like it just died. With all the data in it. It had the least firmware (updated about 2 months ago).


Serial# starts with 104365...


Am I toasted? What is the warranty on these SSDs?


thanks so much for looking into it.


PN, San Jose, CA

T61 laptop is on a F3/180, doing well.

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