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Constant Lockups - Will Corsair RMA


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So basically at the beginning of January '12 my PC began to lockup constantly. I went through everything I could thinking it was NOT my power supply. I have switched out every part possible and reseated every part possible along with cables. The lockups occurred very randomly such as when I started up my system and the windows logo popped up, it locked up...when I tried to logon, it locked up. So I replaced the power supply and guess what, no more lockups! yay!:laughing: So question is, I am wondering if Corsair will RMA this PSU, which claims its a guarantee 5 year warranty.


Reason I ask is because Corsairs warranty exclusions say "normal wear & tear dmg" but uh..3 years it shouldn't have this issue.




tx850w corsair PSU

750gb HDD

gtx 560 ti 448core

i5 2500k

16gb ripjaw ram

haf 932 full tower



850w is plenttttty for this small build.

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