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2nd time Dead H100


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H100 Pump has died on me, this is the 2nd time this has happened. What's the current turn around time for a replacement? I've submitted an RMA for the H100 but never wrote down the Case Number. When will I receive a response from Corsair even on the RMA? The first time the H100 died on me I had a response within 4 mins after submitting the issue. I've submitted another RMA to get the Case Number, its 268885. I hope the 3rd time once I get the unit RMA'd hope its the last time I'll have the issue for awhile. Got reply's from Corsair, in process of RMA. I just sent my Corsair H100 out today, the question I've got maybe RamGuy or someone at Corsair can respond, but the UPS Label had no RMA on it, the one I got via e-mail to print out had the RMA# on it, should be ok though correct?



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