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Adding 2nd Force GT 120GB SSD to RAID0 Stripe


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Hi guys,

I have been running a Force GT 120GB SSD for about 6 months or so. I am running out of space so I ordered a 2nd Force GT 120 and I am going to update the firmware as my SSD is running 1.3.3 and I intend to install as a RAID0 Stripe. one of my questions is: can a image created in Acronis True Image of the OS in the single SSD be installed or run in the what will be new RAID0 stripe primary drive? Or is the fact that it is (the OS) set up for AHCI rather than a RAID cause it to either be unstable or just not run at all?

Also, would you do a secure erase on the original Force GT prior to installing the update and then the RAID Drivers?

I appreciate any help I can get from you guy's. I am sure I will think of more questions as soon as I disconnect from the forum, so I will be back:sigh!:


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Hi Daniel


Acronis is bugy with some raid controller.

SSD update could be done in ACHI mode only.

SSD run optimal in ACHI.

Yes is beter tu secure erase before install OS.

Update mothertboard bios help with SSD stability.

On intel web site u could get RAID: Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Driver for Intel Desktop Boards 10.​8.​0.​1003




Hope this help

Sincerly yours

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Hi Turbonerf, thanks for the info, I was wondering if I may be better off adding the second 120GB Force GT as an ACHI drive and not added as a member of a RAID0 stripe primary OS volume? If I simply install the new drive as a standard ACHI drive for apps/games ect I will probably be better off but I am also thinking the original drive with my OS on it is really getting filled up with files that I have no use for. Logs and installation files from updates ect are taking large amounts of space on this 120GB SSD and I was thinking that if I secure erase that drive prior to intalling it as a member of a RAID0 array I would regain the disk space. Do you have any suggestions for regaining disk space without going the RAID route? I appreciate any help I can get with this issue.



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Hi Daniel


u all ready look at the 2 possible solution


-2ssd in achi mode


Don't tink ove doing raid0 if u don't ave a Intel Rapid Storage Technology as sata 6 controller. Other cotroller like nvidia, marvell 91xx and amd are buggy.


With real Intel Rapid Storage Technology if u do a raid0 airway u will get more then 1000MB/s in read.

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