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Parcel Not Delivered? [RMA 2656324]


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RMA# 2656324


I posted my PSU to Corsair in Holland via DHL tracked last Thursday. Delivery was attempted on Saturday but of course nobody was at the office.


That's fine but it's Wednesday today and no redelivery was attempted. I called DHL and they said I have to contact Corsair because there was a note left and it requires you to reschedule delivery to a convenient date.


Nobody seems to have done this because the parcel is "stuck in the vortex". Basically I don't have it, you don't have it, and I can't reschedule delivery for you.


Can you please look into this and make sure the NL office gets my parcel?

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First I am sorry but there is not much I can do from here and DHL in that region will surely know how to contact us and the times we accept delivery. But I will send a message to our customer service and ask them to contact them if possible.
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