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New RAM wont boot


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Hey guys, sorry if I missed something but I have an issue and was wondering if anyone could help out. I recently bought 4 sticks of DDR1G (Corsair # VS2GBKIT400C3 G) which according to Corsair's memory finder should work with my ASUS A8N-SLI-Deluxe. No matter how I place the memory it never boots. If I replace the memory with the two 512's (Alienware # DDR512PC3200LLAW) that came with the computer it boots right up. Any info anyone has I would really appreciate your input. Thanks a lot.
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Did u ave last motherboard bios update as it could improuve stability and compatibility ove memory.

Be sure to set bios a s default before installing new memory

Just install one ove new stick in slot 1

test if it boot

test all 4 stick in slot 1 to see if one ove then don't boot

Repeat test but in slot 2

if 1 ove 4 stick don't boot wend in slot 1 or 2, this memory stick is deefect then.

if pc don't boot at all with only 1 ove any 4 stick then maybe it is not compatible with ASUS A8N-SLI-Deluxe

as asus don't give memory suported list we can't now from them


but be sure to update to last bios and set it at default before proced with test.





hope this help

Sincerly yours

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