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BSOD and boot failure issues with refurbished Nova32 SSD

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my refurbished Nova 32 SSD is sometimes not recognized during the boot sequence. I precise that I'm encountering more and more BSOD ,boot failure and system freeze issues.


The SSD Health status is definitively decreasing (38% with CrystalDiskInfo). My first SSD (Totally new Nova 32) failed exactly in the same way.


I'm very disappointed by this recurring issues and I'm waiting for a satisfying an efficient solution.


I don't want to waste 20€ in RMA costs for a second time.


I will be very grateful to you for considering my problem and for solving it as soon as possible.



Best Regards.



Details about the SSD

Refurbished SSD installed since 01/09/2011


Indilinx SSD Status

Corsair CSSD-V32GB2

Firmware / Trim 2.2 True

Size 29.816GB

Health 38%

Operation 752h

Powered on 482 times

Cell wearing 3121 cycles Up 3999 Down 2613

Read: 2780.591 GB

Written 1831.944 GB

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