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One word: Regret


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Ok, so I bought the M90 the day it came out. Like most people I've had a crapton of issues with the software. I've waited for something like almost 4 months now I think it is, and we still don't have a non-beta version of the software (or even a beta that works right).


It's of course way too far past the point of being able to return it, but that's ok, I can eat the cost. It's a great piece of hardware, but the software is just plain crap. I write software for a living and have for the last 20 years, I can say its crap from a "professional" point of view. It's not user friendly, features just don't work and everything else is a "work around".


Sure, people have posted guides with hours of work they've put in, in the hopes they can help someone else (It's appreciated everyone), but seriously... It's a damned MOUSE. Why do we need to jump through these hoops just to get it to function as it should of OUT OF THE BOX?


It's just really frustrating and I've been willing to wait it out, but enough is enough. I'm going back to my Logitech G700 and won't buy another piece of hardware from Corsair again. Because if you can't get a mouse right (after however long it baked in design and dev and now after 4 months of release)... why SHOULD anyone trust that you can do it right, ever?


I really do like the mouse, if it just worked right. Anyway, again, thanks to everyone that's posted trying to help myself and everyone else out. But I'm done.


Good luck to everyone.

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