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Getting 100c\212f, with a new H60


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yesterday i get the h-60 liquid coller,


i get very high tempartures around 100c at startup and the unfortunate massage - CPU Over Temperture,


im Using a P5QL-E mb and Intel Q6600 Cpu


i tried out almost everything:


i change the thermal paste;

change the directions of fan

i looked all over to find a solution but i didnt succeed,


i'm very helpless and deseprate


hope u can help me...



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Can you check the pumps speed in the BIOS, it would be on whatever fan header on your mother board the pump is plugged into. The H60's pump speed should be about 4200 RPM, usually a bit more.


Some socket 775 boards like yours have parts very close to the CPU socket, and the pump touches them, and then does not contact the CPU very well, and does not cool well or at all. What did the thermal paste look like when you changed it, the original paste, did it look like all the CPU was touching the bottom of the pump?


You can turn the pump 90 degrees one way or the other so the parts close to the CPU socket won't touch the bottom of the pump. Also check that the pump is tightly attached to the CPU, it should not move up, down, or sideways.

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the pump speed is around 4200, i have 3 head on the mb, one is cpu_fan

second is pwr_fan and the third is cha_fan, i play along with this three but nothing change, still get 90c, even after reseating the pump in other angle.

is there a possibility that my power supplier not working well?

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Where is the H60's fan connected? It should be on the CPU fan header. Then you need to use your boards fan speed control software to control that fan's speed. At idle the H60's fan should be at ~800 RPM, what is that fan's speed? It's a PWM fan so the speed will change automatically with CPU temperature, as long as your boards fan speed software is configured correctly.


The pump is being powered from your mother board, and the speed you mentioned is fine.


If you're still getting very high CPU temps, that is usually caused by poor contact between the CPU and pumps heat plate. Is your PC still shutting down quickly?

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the h60 fan is connected to the cpu fan header and the pump to the pwr fan, i also try to connect the pump to the cha_fan header and yet nothing changes,

ill be glad if you can explain me how to control the h60 fan and the pump speed, i have the fan speed software and maybe somthing not well configured over there.

i have to say that before i changed my regular fan to the h60 i played a bit with this software.


tnx a lot dude.

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I would check is if you have complete contact between the coldplate of the pump and the CPU - make sure that there are no capacitors that could be preventing the coldplate to make a full contact on to the CPU.


You got all the connector where they need to be.

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