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Corsair 650D Warranty


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Hi Everyone


I have a question about case warranty. I have a Corsair 650D. Received it as a Xmas/Bday Gift of 2011. As for warranty on cases is 2 years. My issue is:


Submitted RMA /Parts to CORSAIR


Parts Inquiry:


Greetings Corsair ...


I hope i got the right Dept for my inquiry / request. I received a Bday/Xmas gift (2011) for the Obsidian 650D The part im requesting is the cover or latch not sure what to call it. Its the cover area for the 2x 3.0 USB port along with the standard 2x USB port, Headphone/Mic, and Firewire port is located. The latch connector on the left side seemd to have looked like a clar or some sort that holds part of the front panel has snap off. Currently is still haning on and opens ok but when it's open the left side king of dangles off cause of that piece is broken. I wish I can send you a an attached picture of it. Im sure the case is under warranty and hope this is replaceable. If there's a fee i would pay for it. Please let me know if this is replaceable. Thank you kindly and hope to hear from you soon


Here is the picture ( Is this covered by CORSAIR for warranty Claim )




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