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750HX -CPU LED- Stupid problem with 24pin cable


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so since last month i was having problems with my rig simply switching off. untill last week stopped working completely.


everything turns on except the the cpu and the gpu with no post, the CPU_LED on my motherboard turns red.

i took out the parts out of the case and started troubleshooting. i lost hope and was sitting without a pc for a week.



it turns out that when i bend the big 24pin eatx connector a little bit, everything worked like a charm.

when i set the cable loose, the cpu+gpu stops powering up again.


i simulated this a dozen times to confim.


so the PSU is fine, the problem lies in the 24pin cable, this is a stupid problem to have, but im happy that i discovered it.

looks strange coz i thought the cpu takes power from the eps cable.


anyway just wanted to give a tip for those who have this problem,or who dont know that their cpu isnt powering up at all inside the case, propably some ppl returned their working PSUs for this.

and hopefully corsair does more qc on the connectors alone :)

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You may also want to see if it is not the connector on the MB. We've seen instances where the connector on the MB had a broken solder joint and when the 24 pin cable would pull on it it would break that connection. Then when you push it the other way it will make contact again booting normally.
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