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24 GB Vengeance kit


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I just changed my old mem to two kits of Vengince DDR3.


Mem is set, I can see it in Bios, but when I run windows its shows me

in system window 24BG installed 16 GB available....

Why not all 24 available? I got Win764 Home premium and Asus Sabertooth X58 as a heart of my PC.

In manual i ve found this warnigs:

Due to Intel spec definition, XMP Dimms and DDR 1600 are supported for one dimm per channel only...

Is this causing my troubles... or I just miss smth? HELP! :o:

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Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) has a limitation of 16 GB.


If you do a Windows Anytime Upgrade (put that into the Windows 7 Search), you can upgrade to one of the higher versions which will let you use up to 192 GB.



BTW, it's never recommended to mix kits.

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awww... thnx wired... didn't know about this limitation.

Btw... it sux as a whole Micro... ehh...

And... I dont mess kits... both kits are Vengince... both get the same code on it (CMZ12GX3M3A1600c9)

Hmm... case closed :sunglasse

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