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thoughts after 1 week of use


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Hi all/fellow PC Gamers etc


Ive had the link kit now for a week and would like to share some info about my experiences.


Im from the UK so its not even being stocked here as yet, I bought it from Corsair.com


software issues are:


I have found the unit to be rather buggy even after the updated software.

issues i have found are the memory temp group appearing then disappearing:!:


Sporadic shutting down of the link page!!

(seems to have stopped for the time being.


profiles not saving even after they have been saved!!


Other than that the unit has performed as it should I think!!


when set to different profiles the speed of the fans are controlled very well.


Hardware issues:


Lack of cable for the manual case fan controller to link to the corsair main module.


Temp sensors reading 3-2-1 when plugged into 1-2-3

surely this stuff should be ironed out before release.


The length of the cables are indeed too short to get to most places.

I cut and extended my own rather than fork out for what is surely a marketing scam to make us buy the extension leads that will no doubt be available whenever!!


Be very careful with the LED strips!! These are very fragile and if you bend them too sharply, you will snap them!! I was being careful also.

Trust me I did it!! i had to resolder the wires onto the strip.

I think that the heat shrink tubing from the plug wires onto the LED strip is too short, not enough extends onto the ribbon which would prevent them from snapping.

(please take note of this issue Corsair)


apart from these things the idea is great maybe I should have waited a few months so all these things could be ironed out.

But then why should I?

I like new technology and especially technology that supposed to work flawlessly, I hope Corsair will put these issues right.

I know Rome wasnt built in a day!!


General Issues:


Lack of info in the box yeah its all online somewhere and its cheaper not to include instructions in the box, but when your PC is in bits with the power off no good!! A little thing but it makes all the difference:D:


Im looking forward to a trouble free unit soon.;):


Im sure you guys at Corsair will ensure your loyal customers are well looked after, after all its the customer service/after sales support that makes me choose where I buy my components, I hope you can live up to my expectations:biggrin:




Nigel Cowley

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I would add that Corsair seems to have forgotten this product. They are not reading this forum with the exception of Ramguy who only read them after I called and complained about the lack of support. Then he disappeared. It has been a few days since he has posted anything despite myself and others begging for some answers.. You also left out the part about the software telling you to update the firmware which according to Ramguy, we should not do.


We are all still waiting to find out from Corsair what we should do if anything if we did in fact update the firmware on our coolers (H80 H100 etc)


I wish Corsair would get their act together and answer all of our questions promptly. This could be a great product if they could geting working right.

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well if your instucted to update the firmware when it asks you to!!

I did just that got the H80 cooler seems to work ok with the link, I mean i get coolant temp group pump speed etc.


there seems to be alot of unanswered questions on here, I feel like a lab rat in an experiment!! are we the true beta testers here :confused:



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I've been foaming at the mouth to order one. I think I will sit back and see how the issues are handled.


I wonder what the fallout percent (of problems) people are reporting compared to people who are not having any problems (and not on this forum).

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  • Corsair Employees


Thank you for taking the time to post your concerns and comments it helps to solve issues. The issues you have reported seems to be mostly software related and should be addressed in the coming release of the new software.

The cable length has been mentioned to the product manager. And for the LED's they are indeed brittle but I am not sure there is anything we can do however it will be brought to the PM's attention for a possible solution.

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No Problem Ram Guy,

I really like the concept of this system, when it finally works (and I believe corsair will sort the teething issues)

my posts my seem a little on the bitching side but if any info is required to help solve any issues please let me know. (hey I would even like to test your beta versions before release if possible pm me!!:biggrin:)



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