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Case suggestions? - Help from Owners please?


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600T = $169


650D = $169


500R $139 + shipping



1) I will not water cool I plan on using a h100 so no "650D is better for a full loop please

2) I want the most air cooling possible.


I want the best air cooling possible please. I all these cases look so clean and I just can't resist any of them!


I would love an owners of opinion of their cases (be critical please).


Again no water cooling loop, just a h100 + ivy bridge, and a 7950 or a keplar GPU. and i also plan to convert the hard drives into 5.25 inch so that the front fans are left free to blow air.


Any help would be lovely thank you!

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Cases are a matter of personal preference. I don't think there is a clear-cut favorite or "best" case. I had a 600T and that was for my very first build. It is probably a great case for a first-timer because it is so large and wide making it very easy to get a nice and tidy build. Unfortunately, I found the case simply too big. When the 500R came out I bought one and built my wife's computer in it. (All of this is in a thread called "Carbide 500R Is Wonderful" or something close to that.) I was so impressed with the 500R that I ditched my 600T and bought a 500R for myself and moved all of my stuff into it. And I found that my temps were actually a few degrees cooler (though that is not why I bought the case). Finally I recently upgraded to the X79 chipset and that build went wonderfully as well (I used the H100 and the 500R made it really easy to install that cooler.) So with three 500R builds under my belt I continue to think that it is the ideal case but, again, that is just one person's opinion. My guess is all of Corsair's cases are each somebody's favorite. Get the one that has the features you need and the size you want.
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Love the 500R, have a H50 in mine. Temps are 31 on normal use, 41 on full load. I don't think one case would be alot better then the other with those 3 choices. Just comes down to what you find appealing and if it suits the hardware you plan in putting in it. All of the cases are about the same specs.


Very happy with my 500R. Very quiet and the fan control in the front suits me perfect since I don't have alot of fans in mine, just the stock ones. Also love the LED lights and the LED control. I didn't want such a big case either, so this is perfect for now and later. If you look around, I'm sure you don't need to pay $139 for the case, got mine for $92.50.

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