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Faulty H80


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I recently purchased a H80 for a new computer towards the end of december. I had problems with the fans initially however after reading this forum and a firmware reset it functioned normally.


Yesterday however I had an issue where one of the fans was permenantly on full while the other revved up and down continuously. I attempted a firmware reset and had no change, the top 2 lights and the little icon (person?) were on. I restarted the computer once more and just after the post the fans imediately stopped and the lights on the cooling pump went off. This was accompanied by a soft burning smell. The pump does seem to be doing something however the fan controller seems to be broken. After this occured I switched to the stock intel fan and could not get the system to output any display.


I initially thought this may be due to chip damage however I switched to internal graphics and have now discovered my graphics card did not output. After attempting to use an older and lower power requirement card I have discovered my corsair power supply can no longer supply the correct voltage to my graphics card. I checked further with a different power supply and found the graphics card to output this correctly. Fortunately the power supply is still within warranty, would I be required to raise another thread in the power supplies section for this?

I have had the corsair power supply for just under 3 years and have found it to be very reliable. Disappointed with the issues I have had with my H80 but I accept that every company gets the odd faulty batch. Should I raise an RMA for these two products?


Thank you for your time.

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