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I didn't know where to post since but I just wanted to...


Thank Corsair for making great products that I and others hopefully get to enjoy!


Recently I got a hold of the Corsair SP2500 and they are truly amazing and worthy speakers of any PC user's desktop. I hope the engineers behind the speakers are just as thrilled and happy about them as I was when you get the chance to listen to them and also when you get the chance of turning them up! It is at that point I actually enjoy them the most since they don't back down they just keep on coming with amazing clear crisp audio! They are versatile to the point that they bring more immersion to the game, movie and truly enjoyable music even when turned down a bit! Again huge thanks to the engineers and thanks to Corsair for this amazing product.


Now I also got the Corsair Vengeance 1300 and I was a bit like I maybe had bought the wrong product but I can have the Corsair 1300 on for hours on end and they never seem to bring discomfort. They also are quite well balanced headset in that they bring clear audio and I find them very reasonable compared to what I was looking for in a headset in the low price point since I was looking at something way more expensive.

The microphone is good but I find it a bit too quiet as input without boosting it. (The boost on the ASUS Xonar Essence STX is a bit too powerful and picks up everything from the microphone so even me typing, clicking, breathing, and fan noise in the room)

Thanks for the 50mm driver headphones they are amazing! Thanks to Corsair.


Corsair M90 at first I was like this mouse is weird and thought of sending it straight back and the buttons were kinda hard to reach and I felt pushed into the Claw grip (Palm Grip myself) but than I found the sweat spot for palm grip and I just felt in love with it and 6 button that is reachable without moving the hand is no small feat without making the buttons feel too small or too big.

The sensor never miss and beat and I have to get used to that since my old Logitech G500 was all over the floor not that it was bad but it was showing it's age (a very limited age at that, 2 years. My very old Logitech MX518 ran for at least 5 years and it was the protective layer that felt off)

Thanks to Corsair!!!


Now the Corsair K90 thoroughly impressed me I was amazed and I just couldn't stop looking at the light! I am well pleased with it and I don't have words for it.

If Corsair ever decides to make a K95/K100 that is just like the K90 but where it is fully aluminum and G keys are raised like the rest of the keyboard so it is easy to clean yet it should still be lowered so you don't mistake it for the end of the regular keyboard. As well as making all the keys switches fully mechanical.

I would definitely grab that without a doubt!

But for the money the K90 is the best keyboard out there and I even got it on sale!

Thanks to Corsair!!!


On a last note I'd like to thank the Customer service since my Corsair AX750 came back from RMA (second time around) without a coil whine!

Best customer support I ever had!

The Corsair SP2500 is the best purchase and I hope they'll be on my desk for MANY years to come!


Again HUGE thanks to Corsair and all their employees that make all this happen!

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