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New Build with Force GT 120 GB boot drive- update questions


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I'm putting together a new system to replace my 5+year old build.


Here are the system specs so far:

Asus P8Z68V-Pro Gen3 Mobo

Intel i5-2600K 1155 socket CPU

G.Skill MEM 4Gx2|G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL

HIS Ice-Q ATI 4850 video card (re-using)

WD 250GB HDD (data drive to be replaced)

Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD (Boot Drive)

Windows 7 Home-prem, 64-bit


I'm currently running a system on Windows XP and I have a procedural question about updating the drive's firmware if necessary. Based on the update instruction it says the firmware utility might not work well with XP. Should I attempt to update with XP on the old computer, or should I load Win7 onto the new drive and update the firmware after the install? I feel like performing the update on the drive without windows loaded would be the best option, but I also don't want to brick it trying to update using XP.


Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for the help. I did use the data drive to initially load windows and run the firmware utility only to find out the drive was already up to date with 1.3.3. For anyone else getting this drive you should definitely check just to make sure. Windows loads super quick (~15-20secs) and all applications are definitely fast too.


Thanks for the help!

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