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How do i control the extra fans with Corsair 500R's Fan Controllers!


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Hello guys!


i had my corsair 500r finally..


i ve a few question about fan controller and airflow schema


First of all i want to control all Fan with case's controller




3 fan which has already can control by this button but i want to control extra's..


is that possible ? do i control all my extra fan with this ? if yes please somebody explain how do i can this..


And if it's not posibble then i am guessing i need a 3,5" fan controller , which fan controller you could recommend ?



and second question about airflow


this is airflow schema, what i am planning to make


what you guys think about this schema ? is it good or bad ? what is your advice for best air flow with corsair h80 ?



thank you


best regards

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The Corsair LED fans use a proprietary connection so you will not be able to control any other fans with it. This is because they have the option to turn the LED's off witch is a great plus to me. There is no 3.5 bay adapters with any Corsair cases so you will have to use a 5.25 controller. I use the Scythe Kaze Server 5.25" 4 Channel Fan Controller http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0027UK8I0/ref=oh_o04_s01_i01_details

The LED color matches the stock front Corsair fans perfectly and there is a button included to turn the display off as well.

Your fan layout looks good but I would have the radiator venting out the back V blowing in. You might try it both ways to see if you get improved temps. On my 400R I used 140mm Cougar fans any place they would fit, the loudest fans in my system are the 2 front stock Corsair LED units.



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since your mainly using stock fans[good idea] id use the link commander to control them and your h80 also.

as far as airflow,i just bought the same case with the same flow pattern except my cooler will be venting out

in yours you have a fan going out right next to your rad fans blowing in which i think disrupts positive air flow

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it doesnt disrupt positive airflow. The idea he has for his airflow is perfect and its what I use. My phenom II 966 overclocked at 3.8ghz is 51c on prime95 using pretty much that exact same setup but with cheaper fans and a h50. I have cm quite fans on the top and hdd cage and bottom and the stock h50 fan and the stock rear fan on the h50, also my house is pretty warm at 27-28c. My videocard is also about 10c cooler than with my old case. You will certainly get better temps then me.
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we will just have to agree were disagreeing ;):

from my stand point,the less obtrusion there is the better positive air flow

he has 5 fans pulling in fresh air and only 1[ #7 noctua ] pulling air out as the #6 fan is used to pull air that the h80 brings in,and most likely since the h80 fan is stronger than #6 then the only one pulling air out is also affected from the h80

but thats just my hypothesis

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