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Corsair 1500 not playing 7.1?


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Due to some minor issues some people may have with certain applications it defaults to stereo mode. (Stereo is what you want for anything that is not using extra channels anyway, like most music.)


Here is how you change it in Windows 7 x64. (It will be similar in other versions of Windows.)


Right click on the volume icon in the system tray and select playback devices. Click the headset from the list and click configure. Select 7.1 and follow the prompts. Everything should be really effortless from here, but if you need more specific guidance I will spell it all out.


You should also click properties from the playback devices list and click the advanced tab and switch to 24 bit 96000 hz mode. That will make it sound much better. I am still scratching my head as to why this is not enabled by default.


Note that if you use the Corsair utility and ever disable any of the Dolby stuff it resets the sound to stereo. So you will have to again set it to 7.1 if that is what you want. Again I have no idea why it does this.


Any other questions? I am happy to help in any way I can.

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I've already done that, it still just sounds like stereo, with the virtual surround sound aren't you supposed to be able to hear things from multiple directions, or does it just open 7 channels of audio without sounding directional, other than left/right?
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That depends on the application. For example, in Skyrim I can hear things from all sides as well as above and below. But in Winamp playing stereo MP3s I can not somehow hear it coming from another place. If the game or application supports positional audio then it will sound right.


I can play 5.1 FLAC tracks from NiN's "The Downward Spiral" in Winamp and hear the sounds coming from the appropriate places.


But if I play Quake 2 it will not always sound correct. Sometimes a sound from behind me will sound like it came from my side. This is a limitation of the game in this case.


What application or game are you having this problem with?

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In that case I have no idea. I do hear that some people do not hear binaural stereo the same as others, and perhaps you are one of the unlucky few that cannot hear the subtle differences used to spacialize the stereo sound.


Think of it like this: The headset really only has two speakers. It makes the surround effect by adding slight delays when a sound should come from a different direction. This delay for most of us accurately tricks us into hearing the sound as if it came from a different direction and distance.


You may want to try enabling the 7.1 speaker shifter and setting it to a wider platform to increase the distance between virtual speakers.


When you enable the speaker shifter it makes a circle with little icons for each virtual speaker. You can drag those out a bit and see if that helps.


I wish I could wave a magic wand and fix it all for you, but it seems to work fine for me.


Also, try setting it back to stereo and playing the test sounds on this page:



If those do not work in stereo mode then I can only conclude that your hearing is damaged. (Not meant as an insult, but Binaural recordings are ages old and work for almost everyone, save those with hearing damage.)


I hope this helps you. But I have no idea how it would not work in Skyrim as it does for me.

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I doubt that. When a stereo signal is sent to a 7.1 device it plays as stereo would. There are only occasional differences due to the way stereo is up-sampled for the extra channels.


If you enable the speaker shifter and set the gain on all but the left and right channel to the minimum then a stereo sound stream should sound unchanged, while a multichannel sound would be greatly distorted.


Note that whenever you disable the speaker shifter or any of the dolby stuff, Windows automatically resets the device to stereo output. But it takes all of a few seconds to switch back to 7.1 channels.


It does sound like the headset you have may be defective or damaged. But I cannot explain why it would work for stereo and nothing else.


Is there another system you can test the headset on? I doubt it will change anything, but I would like to know if it does.

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Hi, are you using the headset in Dolby mode, or 7.1 Virtual Shifter mode? Because if you're using the virtual shifter, that would explain why you can't hear anything more than stereo.


In the older Corsair HS1 headset, other C-media devices, and Asus Xonar sound cards, you're able (and sometimes required) to enable Dolby before enabling Speaker Shifter. With Corsair's v1.1 headset drivers, however, you can't do that, so the speaker shifter is essentially rendered useless and only outputs stereo. Dragging the speakers around in the shifter will only change their left/right placement and volume, not front/rear. Still waiting on v1.2 to hopefully fix this.



(Author of the EverythingUSB review)

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Sorry to hijack this thread, but can someone confirm the right settings for 5.1 on my system using the 1500's?


Windows set to 5.1 / full range speakers


Corsair panel set to Dolby pro logic II



Skyrim seems to give me surround sound on these settings.


Is this right? If so, what does the 'bypass' option do?


Many thanks



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Bypass ruins the surround sound. It sets the channels to stereo when you click it. If ever you disable the dolby junk or click bypass you must reset the number of channels in Windows.


You literally have to do that every last time you disable any dolby junk or click bypass.

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