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Question about SSD Warranty


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Recently a friend of mine introduced me to SSDLife, so I did a quick test. (will post a screenshot of it when I get home tonight) It shows that my Corsair Nova V128 has less than 10% life left. This is very concerning as I bought the SSD back in March 2010, had to RMA it once back in August 2010. So assuming the SSD I got in August 2010 was new, does it mean a new SSD's (32nm) lifespan is around 1.5 years? From what I read the 22nm SSDs has an even lower lifespan physically but if offset by a having a larger reserve for dead cells.


Extracted directly from http://www.corsair.com/support/warranty/


This warranty does not cover problems or damage resulting from, but not limited to, any of the following:

•Wear and tear associated with normal use

•Any modification, abuse, accident, disassembly, misapplication, or unauthorized repair

•Removal of any manufacturer label(s) or sticker(s)

•Any improper operation, including any use not in accordance with any supplied product instructions

•Connection to any improper voltage supply

•Use of consumables, such as replacement batteries, not supplied by Corsair, except where such restriction is prohibited by applicable local law

•Any other cause which does not relate to a product defect in materials or workmanship


The bolded point is a bit vague and a bit ambiguous. I don't understand the reason of having a 3 year warranty if the SSD can only live for 1.5 years of wear and tear under normal use.


I have a regular full time job (programmer, I do occasionally program at home), shutdown my PC when I sleep (I do turn it on nearly everyday though), turned off scheduled defragment. In my case, am I able to RMA my drive?

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Hi, only just got home..


Had a quick read of that post. The post mentions the Sandforce controllers, I am going to assume the issue occurs with Indilinx Barefoot controllers too. As for the tests, they were performed on new disks which resulted in an inaccurate results OR maybe a semi-accurate result with a margin of error of 3%? What I'm trying to say here is, we cannot take the number returned by apps like SSDLife with a grain of salt, can't we at least use it as a rough estimate of the SSD's remaining life?


Here's what I got from SSDLife




In case SSDLife is giving me a correct value and that my SSD runs out of write cycles, am I covered by the 3 year warranty still? I don't OC, turned off paging and scheduled defrag.

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The "health status" is meaningless. The real indicator is the TRUE DATA WRITTEN. If you read my blog post, the original Force drive can withstand about 180 TiB of data. You're currently around 8 TiB so you probably have a long way to go, but currently there is no data available for the Nova. I have a very strong feeling the Force drive will outlast the Nova, but we don't really know. Always keep your data backed up.
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