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SSD F115 + Macbook pro 2010 + Lion -> Freeze


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Hello everyone, I bought in November, a Force Series 115GB2. I installed it on my macbook pro 2010 with new installation of Mac OSX Lion.


It often happens that when the macbook is back from suspension, after a few seconds of web browsing the computer go into a state of freeze.

I have to restart my computer.


What could be the problem? (OS? Firmware?)


how to solve it? Thanks to all

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Apple does not provide support for non-approved SSDs. So resolving things is harder than usual.


Try this


Run terminal

Type sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0

Press Enter

Type sudo pmset -a sms 0

Press Enter



First CMD - changes the hibernation mode to save the memory on to the RAM, Not the HD. If there is a power loss, You cannot recover from the hibernated file.


Second CMD - Turns off the Sudden Motion Sensor, Which is used for Mechanical HDs, If you drop your Macbook, The SMS will try to minimise the damage to the HD.

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