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Defective Sticks


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I'm requesting assistance with an RMA request. I understand posting on the forums and speaking with the support staff helps for a smooth scenario.


My trusty DD3-1600 sticks have begun to fail on me.


Symptoms include:

1 particular stick (no matter what slot it's in) will not allow machine to boot. I've tried DRAM switch, everything. No-go.

1 more stick (again, no matter what slot) will not allow machine to boot past DDR3-1333. Have tried dram switch, forcing, etc, just won't do it.


I have 4 sticks totaling 16GB (4x4). I'd like to request an RMA for ALL of them (as I cannot determine which sticks came paired). I do have a backup set of 2x2 unless corsair does Advanced-RMA.


I've had too experiences from the RAM guy in the past, so looking forward to another smooth RMA :)




p.s. Updating specs in profile!

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What was the kit part number you ordered? Example like CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9? That is the part number you might use or what ever the Kit part number was that you ordered and you would enter a 4 for the module number. You Can use the link on the left to request the rma.
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