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Shop Rma a month back.


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Hi i recently (about a month ago) returned a headset back to from once i bought it for rma Gamedude computers on the 14/01/2012 and i called them afew days ago asking if they have got them back or any word they said they have got no word back just wondering if i can get soem help ill give all the info about the headsets ive been given


Corsair HS1 USB Gamming headset

Serial number 10469209

Invoice #525705

Ra number -17016


if there is any chance i could get some info about them from you's i would be quite happy thanks.

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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry but there is not a lot we can do from our side. I would speak with the reseller and ask them to contact us if they did the RMA directly we can maybe try to speed things up that way. Sorry I cant be more help!
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