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AX1200 Shortages & poor tech support :(


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How I'm disappointed with the tech support team... I'm sorry to start off a new thread and new membership like this - It's not right!!


Late last year I purchased a perfectly working AX1200 however it wasn't till I started building my rig I notice some cable shortages in the accessory pack. Just after the New Year, after everything settled and folks returned back to work; I made contact via the RMA/Tech Support routes. Waiting patiently for over a week and I received no reply. I tried again, in a second message and sure enough, several days later I received a response - Yay!!


Dude asked:


Do you require any other cables besides the PCI-E? How many do you need?


and I enlisted a total of five PCI-E leads, you know enough for quad sli and power to my mobo - too much to ask? Essentially the shortage meant I wasn't able to build my complete rig and power it!!


I understand on occasions there will be delays and sometimes goods sold by resellers arrive short. Guess I expected a little too much, to have tech support sent to everything I needed without much of a fuss...


On 2/10/2012 I received a package from corsair with only one PCIe lead inside! :mad: :mad: I've since replied the Tech support message informing you I'm still short. So far I've heard NO REPLIES. :mad: :mad:


So Yeah I'm disappointed. Other people said corsair have excellent customer support.. but where's mine? :(: :(:

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I am sorry that happened to you but please call our customer service on Monday after 8:30 AM Pacific Time and I am sure they will tale care of you. Or let me know the case number if you have one and I will ask them to contact you right away.
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