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Corsair link Cpu temp issue


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What exactly are you looking at for the CPU temp?




Do you mean temp wise?


on the groups it has CPU temp I asume the link is using my motherboard sensor to determine the temp.

my CPU temp when viewed with the ASUS software is say around normal 24 degrees c.



The link reads 34-36 degrees c fluctuating. Also there is no memory temp, and the HDD Temps never change.


My Graphics card GTX 580 temp is recorded correctly by the link.




thanks for the reply



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24C normally? What kind of cooler is that? :laughing:


I'd be more inclined to believe the Link in this case, 34-36C and fluctuating sounds way more believable for an idle CPU.


Also HDD temps do tend to be pretty stable (fortunately). Try running a virus scan over one of the drives and see if that cranks up the temps a bit.

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Cheers for the reply


I thought the ASUS temp indicator to be was slighty out but by 10-12 degrees:confused:


Any how for the memory temp group I have used a temp sensor and placed it between the Ram modules (not touching the m tho) detecting the air temp between any good you think?


I i have placed a temp sensor high up in the case,and 1 near the bottom of my case.


heres a screen shot of it all:cool:



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Very generally I would say if you are using the memory anywhere near its specs any form of memory cooling is total nonsense.


If you have memory that gets too hot you have a MAJOR airflow problem in your case, and I shudder to think what's happening to your VRM's. No matter what you put on your CPU, you should maintain some airflow in your case and memory is the least of your problems there.


I think RamGuy already noted that the temp sensors are supposed to measure ambient temps (not being stuck to anything) and if I look at how it's working in my system that seems to work perfectly.

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You stated:

Hi my link cpu temp is 10-11oc out of sync to that of my motherboards sensor temp (ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe gen 3)

is there a fix i can do which temp is correct??

I asked what application are you using to see these temps?

PC Probe II or something else?

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