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Problems coming from my H60?


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Hello everyone!



I just purchased a Corsair H60 fan.


I followed the instruction got everything set up and it sounds like the fan is running, but I am not getting any video on my monitor.


Everything was fine before I installed the fan, so could the fan be causing in issue with the monitor or video card?


Here are the specs of my computer:


Asus Essentio Six-Core Gaming Desktop

You ordered 1 Asus Essentio CG1330-07 AMD Phenom II X6 2.7GHz, 8GB DDR3, 1TB SATA3, 1GB ATI 5450, HDMI, Win 7HP64



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It does not make sense that the H60 CPU cooler could affect your video card, or have any chance of affecting your monitor.


Do you think the PC is booting normally? Are you seeing the hard drive activity light flashing on and off when the PC boots? Did your PC make a "beep" sound when you turn it on, before and after you installed the H60?


The most likely reason for your problem is the video card was bumped or moved out of place when you installed the H100, so you should check that the video card is seated correctly in its slot.


It's also possible that you mounted the H60 incorrectly, and somehow affected the CPU. Have you ever mounted a CPU cooler before the H60?


Does your PC case have any other fans in it that are running when you start the PC?

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