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pc freezes CMX4GX3MSA1600C9


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i bought this kit few months ago

and recently when i tried to set the memory speed to 1600Mhz my pc will just freeze when it is stressed


i tried setting the primary timing and voltage manually or just leave everything at auto on the bios, both ended up with pc freezing when it is stressed

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MB bios is updated

when i load setup default the memory speed on the ram will b set to 1333Mhz, i have to manually set it to 1600hz and the pc will freeze when stressed

enable XMP and using profile 1 results in same pc freeze situation

how long do i need to memtest each 1 of them?

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yeah i tried 1 module at a time on different slots for memtest

after i set the speed and the timing on bios

i noticed that when a single module is running on A2 slot the speed and primary timing were at 1600Mhz and 9-9-9-24

but when i tried it at B1 or B2 slot the speed remains but the primary timing went down to 6-6-6-20, i double checked at bios and confirm the timing were set at 9-9-9-24

no errors were found by memtest after 2 passes

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