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Drive temperature


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Hi all

Been running a 120GB Force 3 for a while now with very few problems (very occasional lock-up or BSOD) It's on the latest firmware, and so far I'm extremely pleased with it.


The reason for the post is, today I was running a trial version of HDtune Pro to check an old hard drive for errors etc. When the program first started I got a temperature warning saying that the Force drive was at 128 degrees C, I quickly shut the computer down, and felt the drive but it was stone cold!


I turned it back on and re-ran HDtune with the same results, the drive is still cold after a couple of hours.


Do I have to worry about it or is it a false reading from the software.


Thanks for any info

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False reading. I think it depends on serial number since I have a 1142~ drive that gives a 30ºC temperature and another one 1123~ that gives 128ºC just like yours.


Anyway, I think even the one with 30ºC is false reading also since I hardly believe this 10ºC delta temperature (ie, 10ºC abobe my ambient temperature, 20.1ºC). My case is well ventilated.

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After a restart from completely cold and running for about 10 mins I get this from CPUID




As it happens, the old drive I wanted to check was fubar anyway, about an hour into the Error Scan it started making some nasty clicking and screeching noises and loads of red sectors started appearing on the graph. I figured it wasn't worth wasting time with and binned it as there was nothing I needed from it.


Looks like I can ignore the reading and carry on as I have been.


Thanks for the help

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